Calico Critters Tutorials

I have been awaiting my daughter becoming old enough to play with Calico Critters for a long time now and am so excited to find out that she is enjoying them as much as I am! As a creative soul obsessed with tiny things I have of course already started dreaming about how Charlotte and I can work to create fun little things for her new Calico Critter friends together. Based on this motherly excitement I have made a list of my top 5 creative Calico Critters projects, or as they are known outside of North America, Sylvanian Families.

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Phases of Mommyhood

Killer ESP
Lately I have been entering into a new phase of motherhood. Instead of trying to find a few moments to myself in the midst of the little babe craziness I find myself with a quickly becoming independent almost toddler.
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Knitted Love


I am in love with Wollmeise yarn. The love, care and attention spent on the color ways are simply delicious and when combined with their soft drape makes for  a yarn combination that I will continue to use for many years. I have had the pleasure to visit the Wollmeise shop in Pfaffenhofen, Germany several times over the years and am never disappointed by my trip. Something about being surrounded by so many colors at once breeds artistic inspiration and there are little touches of the sense of humor of the company and artists everywhere in the store, including their bathroom!

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One of my dearest friends in the world, literally as we once again live on different continents, mentioned she is once again visiting Rome. As we talked about her love of the city I immediately began remembering my last trip to Rome. The taste of gelato, fresh watermelon and zucchini blossoms stuffed with artisan cheese and meats. The quest for an out of season jerusalem artichoke prepared as they only do in Rome. Of course, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets behind scenes of ancient faded ruins. The time spent with good friends and my dear husband. To Rome with love!

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Beaufort Bonnets and Babes


Sometimes it is so hard to believe I am a little girl mommy. Yet here is my tiny lady, wearing her Beaufort Bonnet and sweet smocked dress at the pumpkin patch. I can remember dreaming of little dresses like these, and feeling a little jealous of the pretty baby girls in their bonnets. Much love to all you mommies playing with your little baby girls today no matter their age!

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Embroidering Doll Eyelashes: Stacy Iest Hsu

The little details on a project are often what makes it stand out, and brings life to it. The picture above shows what a few simple stitches can do to bring out the eyes on a cut n sew doll by Stacy Iest Hsu via Spoonflower. The eyelash on the left is more pronounced and calls your attention to that part of the doll face. To learn how to embroider your own doll eyelashes, read on!
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A Wollmeise Yarn Vest

I finally finished Miss Charlotte’s wollmeise vest last fall and it now fits! This wollmeise yarn is lovely from the dye to the spin to the lovely little shop in Bavaria, Germany that sells it.
Yarn: One skein (510 yards), Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin
Size Created: 6/9 months
Notes: This yarn knit like a dream and the pattern is great for babies of all sizes. The cabled neckline can be a little confusing so recommend reading through the pattern in detail before starting.
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and..She Is Up!

I am so proud of little Miss Charlotte. I cannot believe how much she has grown over the last few months. From learning how to eat to gaining the strength to lift her head I have been there for each precious little milestone. It seems odd but each little thing she has learned I have learned something with her. How to pray, and pray hard. How to be patient even when I am tired, sick or frustrated.
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